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Darya 1Well, hello there. I’m glad you’ve decided the photos on my profile as so intriguing, you’ve decided to learn more! My name is Darya. I’m a Russian princess with an appreciation for men and the passion that drives them. I’m 23 years young, and have been working as an escort in Singapore since moving here two years ago. The environment, coupled with liberal laws on adult entertainment, compelled me to make Singapore my home. I have been quite happy here and have enjoyed how my career has enabled me to travel throughout the region. My passport is finally seeing some action! So am I!

Darya 2I’m studying journalism, and as a pastime I dabble in erotic fiction. The heroines in my medieval tales of twisted erotic trysts are reflections of who I am. They are always commanding Russian babes with pear-shaped bodies, high cheekbones and dark blonde hair. I am a tall girl at 5’7” and am always the main character in any real life setting because I am outgoing and turn heads with my good-girl, flawless look. My fictional characters are strong and know exactly how to get what they want, just like their creator. To quote my favorite poet Nikolai Nekrasov, Russian women are those, “who can stop a galloping horse, enter a house on fire.” I concur and believe that quote sums us up quite handsomely.

Darya 3With my fingers at the keyboard, my characters come to life. While steamy chapters flow as a product of my creative notions, my invented personas delve into taboo and unconventional sexual encounters. I love to act out what I conjure up when sitting alone with my thoughts. Fervent writing of my erotica is often interrupted by my need to break to find release after my own words leave their mark on me, making me aroused. When I’ve written a particularly intense block of words, I must find an escape from my arousal. This is accomplished by slipping into my bed to deliver the familiar favored waves of pleasure by touching myself. Experiencing this release with another man is ideal, but not always possible. You’ll be one lucky man if you request I take a break from writing to pay you a visit! I’ll be ready to go as soon as I walk trough the door!

Darya 4Men should not fear a sexually confident woman! We are the best lovers because we aren’t meek mice hiding under the covers. I’m all for lights-on unbridled love making as we move around each inch of that bed of yours. I am not going to quit, so you better not either! I’m all for a second or third go! I’ve found sexy means different things to different people, and to me confidence is sexy. If you have a knack for working with what God gave you, I’m the girl for you. All it takes to bring out the best in me is a winning attitude and the need for a great time.

Darya 5I’ve gotten dirty talk down to a science, so if you’re into that, you’ll be excited to hear me purr dirty sentiments into your ear. You will know just how to touch me and hold me and what positions I like best. You’re encouraged to do the same with me. Tell me what you want from your lover. What are you not getting at home that you should be? With me, you are in control of what happens. I am not a big fan of declining suggestions, so let’s see how many times I respond with a breathy, “yes” to your commands! Get me away from this computer screen, and invite me to come put your mighty soldier into action! You’re not going to find anyone hotter than this eager Russian!