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Nicolette 1 Naughty girls are more fun! My name is Nicolette, but friends call me Nikki. I am a 21 years old, 5’6” and a spicy Singaporean sweetheart that is going to make you cry out in pleasure! I do my best work sans clothing, and would love to pair with you for an unforgettable night of playful antics. My beautiful breasts bounce playfully as I am turning you on.

Nicolette 2For a short while, I worked as a stripper. I wasn’t a fan of the impersonal nature of the business. I’d be in front of a man I knew I was turning on, becoming turned on myself, only to have the song end and the watchful eye of the boss indicating I needed to move on. I realized that escorting was more suitable as I can still tease with my flirtatious strip, then move on to what we both want.

Nicolette 3When I arrive, regardless of the temperature outside, I’ll have a shawl or light jacket around my shoulders. The more I have to take off for you, the hotter my display. Once we are settled in, I am going to begin by locking eyes with you. You’ll want to gaze at my entire form, but I will do my best to keep your eyes fixed on mine. Once my wrap is off, I’m going to lift my dress a few times to give you tantalizing peeks. You’ll love what you see and be on the edge of your seat when my dress lands on your floor in a vibrant heap of color. The lingerie won’t come off too fast; I want to make sure you are completely turned on before we dive into the covers. Take in the view as I bend and wiggle giving you a glorious view of my tight ass. I’ll feign shyness as I tug at my bra while you beg for me to release my bountiful bosom. Making you wait for it caters to my need for power. By the time I am slipping out of my moistened panties, I am ready to pounce!

Nicolette 4Perhaps you are the sort of man who likes to take charge and undress his beauty all by himself. If a seductive striptease isn’t your thing, I’d love for you to take those hands, trembling with excitement, to the nape of my neck, finding the top of my zipper. Pull it down to reveal my smooth back. Slide the fabric to reveal my sun-kissed shoulders. Once my dress hits the ground below us, you are able to run your palms over all my smooth curves before attacking the clasp on my bra. By the time you get to the delicate panties that reveal my desire, you’ll be ready to sweep me to your bed.

As we become embroiled in our horizontal dance, our longing will be satisfied. While my body arches in reaction to your touch, you’ll find the warmest places on my body with your fingers and your maleness. Just thinking about learning a new body turns me on. You’ll love learning my body. I am a tight, toned little girl who can hold her own during our workout. When your shallow panting increases to breaths so heavy your chest is heaving, I’ll know I’ve done my job. I’m always ready for round #2!

Stop looking at these photos and opt for the real thing! I’ll come to you looking like a stunning fox. Want me to bring some toys? Just ask! I’ll oblige your kinky side whenever possible. I love to being so very naughty, and am ready to play right now!